Donnerstag, 3. Februar 2011

Sticker Collage for 15000 And Up

This show was supposed to happen last summer, but it never did, because the original desination for the show got closed down.

After that I wasn't very informative on what happened to the show, and didnt keep people posted, that was't good of me. I also couldnt find a new place to host the show here in Vermont for a long time.
However, now the show is back on! It will be hosted at "The Lab" on Feurary 20-26, so in just a little less than a month! Doors should be open from 12-6 (unless changed otherwise) for the whole 7 days.
There will be live music, and hopefully, many locals will show up to see this happen! We have never had a sticker show here before in Vermont, so this will be the first of its kind, and bring out something new!

The Lab, is a DJ and Music production studio that teaches students of all age. It is also a collective of many creative people and a great environment, and will be the perfect place for the show!
I will be taking final submissions for the next three weeks from people who still want to send something, or just want to send more. I will be taking Final Submissions until Feb. 15th. Do not send stickers after that date as they might not make it here on time! Unless you want to send me some stickers for the heck of it.

Send Final Submissions to:
Funny Jeff.
32 State Park Road
VT 05445

Thanks for being patient everyone, we're hoping that the show will be successful!
1000s of stickers are waiting to be put up!

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